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Advanced security providing integrated solutions

Advisor Advanced, the global leading intrusion platform, provides the ideal solution to every customer's needs ranging from small business and shops, over medium businesses to large and/or high-risk applications Different variants of ATSx500A that are easy to upgrade or expand

  • The Advisor Advanced intrusion platform (ATSx500A) can easily be upgraded or expanded.
  • Available in different variants, including EN grade 3 variants for high risk applications
  • A straightforward and easy-door concept, enabling customers to manage and monitor door configurations through one menu tree. Schedules and calendars can be directly assigned to areas/door an door groups,...
  • Full access control adding up to 48 intelligent doors, using 4 door controllers providing additional features like anti-pass back, interlocking,… between these doors
  • Providing solutions for up to 2000 users, that can be extended to over 65k users
  • With hybrid wired and wireless technology, Advisor Advanced can be installed with a wide variety of sensors, wired as well as wireless
  • Advisor management software provides Advisor Advanced with a way to drive simplicity and integrate multiple functionalities
  • Compliant with most required  European Security Approvals, such as EN50131
  • Alarm verification solutions, such as PIRcam,  providing a quick and remote assessment of the situation, identifying real vs nuisance alarms.

Advanced security in a Connected World

Imagine Security solutions that are able to connect with all devices and provide reliable delivery of critical data between security systems, users and monitoring stations.

Advisor Advanced

  • Having different communication options, PSTN, GSM/GPRS and Ethernet, available using same configuration settings.
  • With Advisor Advanced mobile app, available on Android™ as well as on iOS™, you can check the status of your intrusion system, consult history and check events, all remotely.
  • Advisor Configurator enables panels to be quickly and remotely connected at any time, reducing unplanned visits and improving reaction time to end user requests.
  • Advisor Configurator reduces operator handling time and optimizes efficiency by creating automated actions and tasks, driving productivity .
  • Remote FW upgrades can be performed.
  • Integrated into UltraSync Eco system, a unique end-to end solution that meets the Verification of Performance (VOP). UltraSync makes sure the functional availability of your security system is kept intact. This way the installer is assured of the most complete service through the most secured network.

Advisor Advanced technical features

  • Individual management of up to 2000 users (with access controller ATS125x up to 65535)
  • System partitioning of up to 64 areas
  • Reliable monitoring of up to 512 zones
  • Flexible control of up to 512 outputs
  • Powerful management of up to 64 doors (16 Standard and 48 Intelligent Doors)
  • Large event log for up to 4*1000 intruder
  • Reliable high-speed expander bus

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Advisor Advanced

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