UltraSync is perhaps the most secure way to communicate with your security system. It assures that information is available 24/24, in real time and secured from the cloud. This solution fully meets the most recent European requirements and is available anywhere with a 24/7 service from the most professional IP network.


Why Ultrasync ?


Near Real Time Data Communication

The time delay in transfer of data from one point in a network to another is critical. ULtraSync provides a near real time data communication thanks to a high performing low-latency network.

Secure Connectivity

While the importance of secure connectivity over internet is widely understood and agreed upon, the reality is often different. UltraSync makes sure the connectivity is secure at all times.


The user can remotely manage his sytem with an intuitive app on smartphone or tablet. A push notification with video footage is received in case of an alarm. The system is always at your fingertips: anytime, anywhere.


Due to UltraSync, the installer can offer his customers fast installation and optimal support with maximum security. The flexible programming and management features make it possible to support the customer every seconf of the day, anywhere in the world.

Monitoring Station

Monitoring Station offers a 24/7 service where all communication and service comply with the latest regulations. THe service can be tuned to the customer's expectations by simply selecting from a tick box.



UltraSync is a Secure Cloud solution, seamlessly connecting UTC Fire & Security devices to remote applications via a managed web-portal, supported by a service model.