xGen is a truly scalable platform. All expanders are fitted as DIN RAIL components. The CPU module supports IP out of the box and can be upgraded with a 3G plug-on module.

The system supports from 8 zones up to 512 zones, if zone expanders are used. xGen and Zerowire are born from the same platform, so they program the same and they support the same wireless devices (max. 192) and extensions like the Touchscreen, and connect to the same services Backbone UltraSync.

xGen is the "big brother" of Zerowire.

While Zerowire supports up to 64 zones and mainly wireless devices, xGen supports up to 512 zones, and wired as well as wireless devices from the 868MHzGen2, 433MHz UTC or 33MHz LoNa range, including the LoNa two-way devices. All expanders are connected to a panel BUS that can be monted flexibly . The system can be operated and programmed from a touchscreen keypad, the Ultrasync+ App, or the integrated Web interface.

You can set alarms, check door and window locks, and secure your home.Or you can have your system monitored 24/7 by a professional central station that can dispatch the police, fire department, or medical aid when there's an emergency at your home.

The UltraSync™ remote management app extends the programming and interactive capabilities of the xGen panel beyond your front door.

  • Supports a large number of devices
  • Compatible with a large range of wireless sensors
  • Native IP communication
  • Provides secure connectivity through UltraSync
  • Simple installation, programming and control


Connected Platform


xGen is a modular, hybrid security and interactive home automation system. Natively supporting IP, expandable with a 3G communicator or wireless expander to connect an extensive number of wireless devices.